Technology is always changing and to make sure your memories don’t get lost to time, it is a good idea to transfer and restore to modern formats. 
Here at Cine AV we handle your irreplacable moments with great care and use our expertise to give you the highest quality format available. From weddings, family vacations or first steps, preserve those times and share them in new ways.

Film Transfers


  • Regular 8mm / Super 8mm per foot
  • .30 Standard Def
  • .45 High Def
  • 16mm film per foot
  • .30 Standard Def
  • .45 High Def
  • 35mm - quote on request

Video Transfers


  • VHS/Video8/Hi8/betamax/MiniDV/DVD
  • 32 per hour
  • BetaCamSP/U-Matic ¾”
  • 38 per hour